Here at What The Fudge we create delicious, sweet, buttery, artisan fudge with a slightly grainy texture, in a wide range of wonderful flavours. All the fudge is made by hand, in small batches, using only the finest natural ingredients without the use of artificial colours and flavourings.

WTF is it? WTF did it come from? With a background in Chemistry and a love of all things sweet, especially fudge, tinkering in the kitchen has been something I have done for years. From cakes to curries, bread and biscuits, jams, juices and smoothies, I’ve created them all and more over the years, but I always came back to fudge, something I first created with my Nanna over thirty years ago!

In more recent years I started to make Scottish Tablet, inspired by a trip to Scotland for a good friend’s wedding where the wedding favours were lovely bags of homemade Tablet!!!

From this point I began to get creative, tinkering and changing things about, passing my new creations on to friends and family, listening to the valuable feedback everyone gave me and tweaking things to suit.

Out of the sticky, steamy, sweet smelling ‘lab’ came WTF – What The Fudge.